Monarch Grass Seeds


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Double your yield with Monarch Leys


"The Protein Provider"      CLOVERCUT                           

This is a highly nutritious 2/3 year ley mixture which boasts a good protein content due to the inclusion of red clover. It can be cut several times a year and also has the potential to deliver valuable grazing.

4.0kg Alliance (t) HRG

3.0kg Red Admiral RC

4.0kg Enduro (t) HRG

Pack size 11 Kilos


"The Consistent Performer"  FLEXISCOT                         

The design of this top-seller is based around a formulation used in highly successful Scottish grass mixtures. Its performance potential will also be evident when it is sown south of the border.

1.0kg liance (t) HRG           1.0kg Laguna   IPRG

1.0kg Aubisque (t) IPRG         2.0kg Eurostar (t) IPRG 

1.0kg Fornax (t) IPRG            1.0kg Denver LPRG 

2.0kg Romark LPRG               1.0kg Twymax (t Twymax (t) LPRG 

1.0kg Elgon (t) LPRG             1.0kg Comtal Tim1.0kg

1.0kg Ensign Plus WC

Pack size 13 Kilos


"Long Lasting Reliability"  PERMANENT PASTURE              


1.5kg Anaconda EPRG        1.5kg  Fornax (t) IPRG 

1.5kg Gandalf IPRG             1.5kg  Trintella (t) IPRG 

1.5kg Cancan LPRG            1.0kg  Dever LPRG 

1.0kg  Delphin LPRG          1.5kg  Comtal Tim

1.0kg  Ensign Plus WC       1.5kg  Elgon

 Pack size 13 Kilos


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